METATRON: Dagger of Mortality (Metatron series Book 3);
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A Hero Is Killed!

Fourteen-year-old Tyler Thompson has been in isolation for eight months to complete the last bit of his superhero training. Just as he is about to finish, his grandfather Ben and mentor Master Pat Tanaka urgently summon him to investigate an abnormality within the San Andreas Fault causing devastating earthquakes. After successfully disabling the cause of the earthquakes, Tyler finds that he is being framed for the largest mass murder in American history and must now focus the powers of Metatron to clear his name.

As new enemies and old foes unite against him, it takes every superpower Metatron can muster to hold them off and maintain peace and order. But when an unseen circumstance takes Metatron by surprise, he sacrifices his own life to save another and it is now up to his allies to bring him back from the grave, stop the sinister plans of these evil bands of villains and quell their attempt to kill millions of other innocents.

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